Bioinformatics and Experimental Resources

Bioinformatics Links Contains many bioinformatics links and the Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops homepage Link to Galaxy, an open source bioinformatics platform. A whole universe of bioinformatics tools Bioinformatics and data for pulse genomics Computing infrastructure links Homepage for the Research Digital Alliance Links to information about RDA clusters such as Cedar, Beluga and Graham The National Center for Biotechnology Information. Access to a truly immense amount of data. Don’t get data poisoning! BLAST. What more is there to say? Pubmed to find references and links to papers Functional annotation of animal genomics Database with 274 assembled and annotated plant genomes 

Bioinformatics rich institutes Cold Spring Harbor. Lots of molecular biology information Salk Institute
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Sequencing labs

NGS companies

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Red River College
University of Manitoba
Universite de St Boniface