Genome Prairie is a non-profit organization that supports stakeholders across Manitoba and Saskatchewan in capturing and maximizing the benefits of advanced research in genomics and related biosciences. This role is achieved by aligning the partners and resources needed to develop and manage targeted projects addressing regional priorities. Genome Prairie also enables participation among regional researchers in Genome Canada’s competitive granting process for large-scale projects. 

The field of genomics and related biosciences is highly competitive and requires significant levels of expertise, and access to capacity and resources. It takes knowledge, relationships and motivation to turn ideas into reality through discovery and innovation. Genome Prairie’s targeted efforts in project development, research management and community engagement ensure that the Prairie provinces maintain and enhance their reputation as a location of choice for innovation and commercialization.

Our Mission

Genome Prairie’s regional program, Genome360 (G360) has been promoting genomics as a tool by which the public and private sector in Saskatchewan and Manitoba can make more efficient, potentially cost effective, and overall effective decisions.

Our Vision

Building a healthier and more productive environment for everyone through genomics.

Our Values