Our Mission

Genome Prairie’s regional program, Genome360 (G360) has been promoting genomics as a tool by which the public and private sector in Saskatchewan and Manitoba can make more efficient, potentially cost effective, and overall effective decisions.

Our Vision

Building a healthier and more productive environment for everyone through genomics.

Our Values

Our Investment

$362 Million

Total Research Activity Supported

Since opening our offices in Saskatoon and Winnipeg in 2005, Genome Prairie has been a catalyst for developing the bioeconomy of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

We are grateful for the financial support provincial governments have provided to date. Together with our partner organizations and co-funders, Genome Prairie has invested about $362 million in 35 genomics projects with industry and academia.

$5 for Funding
is Leveraged

Every $1 invested by the provinces

According to independent analysis, for every $1 invested in Genome Prairie by the provinces, $5 for funding is leveraged. 

The longer-term impact of our projects is also measured by the testimonials of companies and academic research programs supported by our activities.

100+ Cities and
25+ Countries

By aligning our projects with the latest technology and research, we are keeping Manitoba and Saskatchewan on the map in a globally competitive research environment.

Our projects have resulted in a number of collaborative relationships with partners around the world. This map indicates the locations of project partners, research activities, presentations and conferences. The international partnerships that we have established help Manitoba and Saskatchewan stay at the forefront of genomics and related biosciences.

In 2022, an economic impact report was updated and released illustrating how Genome Prairie-supported research activities has generated nearly $120M in GDP in the prairie region, and more than $155M in total outputs. To view this report, please click here.