Genome Prairie
and Our Impact


Current & Past

Genome Prairie and Our Impact

Funding Opportunities

Current & Past Projects

Current Projects

2022 - 2025

BIG – Bison Integrated Genomics

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CPMN – Canadian Prairie Metabolic Network

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2020 - 2023

COV3R – COVID-19 Rapid Regional Response

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2019 - 2023

4DWheat – Diversity, Discovery, Design and Delivery

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EcoToxChip – A toxicogenomics tool for chemical prioritization and environmental management

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2019 - 2023

EVOLVES – Enhancing the Value of Lentil Variation for Ecosystem Survival

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2019 - 2023

FLOWTER – Floating Wetland Treatments to Enhance Remediation

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GENICE II – Reimagining  Monitored Natural Attenuation  as an Oil Spill  Response Tool in the Arctic

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2019 - 2023

Genomic ASSETS for Livestock – Antimicrobial Stewardship Systems from Evidence-based Treatment Strategies

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GENICE: Microbial Genomics for Oil Spill Preparedness in Canada’s Arctic Marine Environment

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Building Research Capacity

Genome Prairie enables regional researchers to participate in Genome Canada competitions and other provincial initiatives.

Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Systems Funding Opportunity

Genome Prairie through Genome Canada is launching a new Climate Action Genomics Initiative funding opportunity in May 2022. Interdisciplinary Challenge Teams (ICTs) represent the largest, key component of the initiative.

Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP)

The Genomic Applications Partnership Program will fund downstream research and development (R&D) projects that address real world challenges and opportunities as identified by users of genomics research (i.e. industry, government…

SeekNET: Genome Prairie’s new initiative
advances Manitoba Agricultural Biotechnology.

5 Year
Strategic Plan


Maximizing the benefits of genomics

To date, Genome Prairie has supported over $260M of research activity across Manitoba and Saskatchewan learn more

$362 Million

Financial Support

$7 of

Funding is Leveraged


Our projects have resulted in a number of collaborative relationships with partners around the world.

Our Mission

Driving genomics research, development and knowledge translation to better protect, feed, heal and empower the people of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and beyond.

Our Vision

Building a healthier and more productive environment for everyone through genomics.

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