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Genome Prairie launches new 5 Year Strategic Plan (2021-2025)

October 12, 2021

Saskatchewan and Manitoba  Genome Prairie is committed to ensuring genomics benefits and sustainable impacts for the Prairie region, nationally and globally across the board. Our organization has developed a new 5 Year Strategic Plan (2021-2025) that will reaffirm our role in research and innovation in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and ensure we continue to effectively support genomics researchers and users of genomics in the years ahead.

Strategic planning is one of the most important tasks an organization can engage in. The result of Genome Prairie’s most recent strategic plan is summarized here. This strategic plan is not a static document, destined to sit on a boardroom shelf. Rather, it is a living document, and a roadmap for us to navigate our way to the future. This plan is a document Genome Prairie will check frequently and use as a tool to ensure we are realizing all of the potential of our organization.”

­­­  Bill Johnson, Chair of Genome Prairie’s Board of Directors

“I am pleased to share with you our recently adopted 2021-2025 Strategic Plan for Genome Prairie. As my staff and I acted as the primary authors of our strategic plan it afforded us the opportunity to take a deep dive into understanding and describing the challenges, opportunities, strengths and priorities of our region. From this, we have formulated appropriate strategy to support the needs and desires of key stakeholders of the Canadian genomics enterprise  including funders, researchers and citizens.  Our plan describes a well thought out strategy encompassing three primary objectives (described in the link below) supported by focused sub-objectives. Successful implementation of the strategies laid out encompassing the life of this plan will ensure we deliver on the promise and the opportunities of genomics based scientific progress. That is, to advance research and development in a faster, better and more efficient way using genomics tools and approaches than would otherwise be the case, resulting in significant beneficial outcomes and impacts for society. As we enter the third decade of advanced genomics-based research and development in Canada, we are delighted to play a significant role in delivering on our new Vision, ‘Building a healthier and more productive environment for everyone through genomics’.”

  Mike Cey, President and CEO, Genome Prairie

To download Genome Prairie’s new 5 Year Strategic Plan (2021-2025) please click on link below:


More information on Genome Prairie’s research projects and other initiatives can be found online at:

About Genome Prairie

Genome Prairie, one of six independent Genome Canada Centres, is a non-profit organization with offices in Saskatoon and Winnipeg. Genome Prairie develops and manages genomics and related bioscience research projects that address key regional priorities including agriculture, human health, the environment, energy and mining. These efforts play a central role in building the Prairie region’s reputation as a location of choice for innovation and commercialization.

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