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Communicating the Science of Agriculture

Get the insights on science communication in agriculture.

Watch our five-part interview series featuring Kevin Folta, Cami Ryan and Michele Payn-Knopper. This expert panel answers questions on the opportunities and challenges facing communicators in ag biotech while providing valuable insights for professional development.

Over the summer of 2014, Genome Prairie led a stakeholder survey to better understand the challenges and opportunities affecting ag bioscience communicators. The goal of this exercise was to identify resources and priorities for issues management in the sector and to encourage discourse among stakeholders.

Download the full report (PDF) – Agriculture, Science and Public Perceptions on Biotechnology by Dr. Camille

Select from the playlist below :

Video 1:
Why is Communicating the Science of Agriculture Important?

When it comes to connecting with audiences, our industry faces unique realities. See what the experts have to say about the importance of communicating science.

Video 2:
What are the Challenges in Communicating the Science of Agriculture?

Communication is key to shape public mindsets and policy decisions, but getting the point across isn’t always a simple task. Learn about the challenges and opportunities in ag biotech communications.

Video 3:
Social Media – A Challenge or an Opportunity?

Social media has changed the landscape for communicators by offering new venues to share ideas and build community. How can the agriculture sector make the most of these tools?

Video 4:
How do you Approach Controversial Topics in Agriculture?

Complex issues in agricultural biotechnology can lead to misinformation, debates and significant obstacles for continued scientific progress. Learn about the challenges affecting public dialogues in agriculture.

Video 5:
How can Someone get Involved in Science Communication?

Recognizing the value of communications in agricultural biotechnology is the first step. Hear what the experts have to say about getting involved and building a profile.



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