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2020 LSARP Competition: Genomic Solutions for Natural Resources and the Environment

October 15, 2019

Notice of Upcoming Funding Opportunity: 2020 LSARP Competition – Genomic Solutions for Natural Resources and the Environment

Genome Canada is pleased to advise the research community of an upcoming funding opportunity – the 2020 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition: Genomic Solutions for Natural Resources and the Environment. This Competition is anticipated to be formally launched in January 2020 with detailed guidelines and application forms available at that time. Genome Canada is in discussion with other organizations as potential partners for this competition.

This funding opportunity aims to support applied research projects focused on using genomic approaches to address challenges and opportunities of importance to Canada’s natural resources and environment sectors, including interactions between natural resources and the environment, thereby contributing to the Canadian bioeconomy and the well-being of Canadians.

To help promote the use of genomic-based research and innovation, all projects must include research into the implications of genomics in society, historically referred to as research into GE3LS (genomics and its ethical, environmental, economic, legal and social aspects), either as the major focus of the project or as an integrated component that is shaped by, and helps shape, the overall project.

There is approximately $25 million available for this competition from Genome Canada. Genome Canada’s investment will range from $1 million to $3 million per project over a term of up to four years. A project’s eligible costs must be co-funded from eligible sources such that the co-funding is at least equal to the Genome Canada contribution.

Applicants will be required to apply for funding through their regional Genome Centre. The application process will be comprised of three steps: Registration, Pre-Application and Full Application. Based on a January 2020 Competition launch, the deadline for Registrations is expected to be in March 2020.

Note that the regional Genome Centres will be organizing stakeholder engagement and strategy sessions over the next two to three months. Information from these sessions will help inform the design of the funding opportunity.

For more information, contact:

Shawna Bieber

Program Manager, Genome Prairie
Phone: (306) 715-6275

Simon Potter

Chief Scientific Officer, Genome Prairie
Phone: (204) 230-7974

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